Do I really need a Business Plan?

4 of 5 businesses fail due to lack of planning. And as Winston Churchill once said, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” But with Cyberport/BizGym, you can organize your thoughts, make sure you’ve considered all the important themes of business, see how much you’ll make and write a business plan along with a myriad of sales pitches. That’s a lot of insurance for cheap. In the process, you’ll optimize your growth and profit potential, and have started the essential documents necessary to get funding.

Can I write a full Business Plan for free?

Yes! Cyberport/BizGym empowers you to write an investment-grade Business Plan, FREE.

Is it really free?

Yes! All Cyberport/BizGym templates and tutorials are free and will remain free. This includes all Templates, Tutorials, Tips & Examples. With Cyberport/BizGym, you can craft a Mission, Business Plan, Elevator Pitch and a myriad of other sales pitches to get your business growing ~ FREE!

Is it safe & secure?

Yes! When you open a Cyberport/BizGym account, only you have access to your project data. This is true for all template and financial modeling data. For more, see Privacy Policy

What’s different about Cyberport/BizGym?

Cyberport/BizGym is a unique visually-based Business “Idea Bank” approach to business planning and sales pitch development. More technically, it’s a knowledge management system that is useful as a visioning and “living” management tool. It’s fast, easy and mostly free so you don’t have to have business experience, an MBA or fancy writing skills. Cyberport/BizGym smashes the notion of the business plan as a static word processing document. It helps you capture, shape and bank all the great ideas that make up a comprehensive business vision on a real time basis. It’s immediate and nimble yet your comprehensive checklist to success. For more, see Features

Who can use it?

If you can read and surf the Internet, you’re ready for Cyberport/BizGym. This includes any student old enough to text message, inventors, people with big ideas, home-based & small business folks, startups, and yes, even the most sophisticated entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Can I print Templates & Reports?

Yes. But you’ll need to upgrade to PLUS or PRO Membership first. Once you’ve upgraded, you can download either RFT or PDF versions of templates and reports which you can then print. For example, for your business plan, you’ll be downloading an RFT (Rich Text File) that is readable by any word processing or page layout program such as Word, Pages, etc. In effect, you’ll be importing your Business Plan into your word processor where you can tweak fonts, layout, colors and the like to make your plan look any way you want. Further, you can delete any sections that don’t apply to your circumstance. For visual reports like the StoryTree, you’ll be able to download a PDF image which you can print from.

I upgraded my account but can’t download Reports. What’s wrong?

Most likely, particularly if you’re using the MS Internet Explorer browser, your computer’s security setting are not allowing downloads. For instructions on how to check your MS IE security settings, see technical requirements. Alternatively, you can switch to a more feature-rich browser like Safari, Firefox or Chrome. If the issue persists, please Contact Us

Does Cyberport/BizGym have spell-check and cut & paste features?

Yes! But if you’re using the MS Internet Explorer browser, you’ll have to upgrade your browser to enjoy these features (see technical requirements). Alternatively, you can switch to a browser that has such features built-in (Safari, Firefox or Chrome).

Is it suitable for classroom curriculum?

Yes! BizGym is great for middle & high school, college and graduate students. To discuss a custom plan, Contact Us

How can others partner with BizGym?

If you’re interested in partnering with BizGym, see Affiliates Program or Contact Us. Partners may include consultants, companies, business-help groups, educational institutions, non-profits, lenders, investors,incubators and/or government agencies.

How is BizGym Funded?

BizGym is published and funded by StoryManager, Inc., a USA corporation. For more, see About Us

Got Questions? See Plans or Contact Us