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Business Strategy Templates

BizGym’s Lean Startup & Design-Thinking templates share data so all grow at once!

StoryTree® Mind-Map

StoryTree® Mind-Map is our version of the popular Business Model Canvas. Its a great way to brainstorm your top-level business strategy and start building your pitches and business plan at the same time. StoryTree is a Lean Startup checklist of all the key themes of a sustainable business model. It’s also a Design-Thinking style 1-page business plan template.

Business Plan Writer

BizGym® Business Model & Plan Template is the perfect combination of Lean Startup and traditional business planning. It’s a checklist to success that empowers you to pivot your business at or ahead of market speed. And, if you’ve already worked on your StoryTree, like all BizGym Templates, your Business Plan will already be partially complete! BizGym Business Plan Template is your checklist to success. And it’s the fastest way to sustainable success. This template generates a full investor-ready Business Plan and an abridged Executive Summary.

Financial Modeler

BizGym® Financial Model & Forecasting Template is easy enough for just about anyone to use. This financial modeler features a separate assumptions panel to eliminates the stress of spreadsheet diving. And if you don’t know what to write, built-in tips are available to help you along. In just minutes, you can create investor-ready 5-year financial forecasts including Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet Report & Financial Charts.

Leadership Templates

BizGym® Effective Leadership Templates empower you to drive strategy into action. This set of templates are both Lean Startup business strategy checklists and visual mind-maps that make Design-Thinking easy. Use your templates to inspire, lead and create buy-in among staff and external consultants. Templates Include Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Tombstone Test and Goals Pyramid.

Sales Pitch Scripts

BizGym® Sales Pitch Templates empower you to seek funding, sell customers and present your company in style. This set of templates serve as Lean Startup business strategy checklists as well as content generators for your Elevator Pitch, Investor Deck and Podium Deck.

Marketing Development Templates

BizGym® Marketing Development Templates are Lean Startup business strategy checklists that drive strategy into action. Most are also visual mind-maps that make Design-Thinking easy. Use template reports to guide internal staff and external marketing consultants. Includes Brand Identity Brief, Business Card, Stationery, Brochure and Store Plan templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does number of members per Group Package work?
A Group Package is purchased by a group payment “Administrator.” Once a package is purchased, the Administrator invites additional Members up to the group’s member limit. As long as the Administrator continues to include a member with the group, that member maintains full BizGym membership rights including joining/creating an unlimited number of projects within the BizGym system.

Do group members all have to be in the same company?

No. Members covered under group packages are simply being paid for by another “Administrator” member. Group members are not required to be associated with any particular project and can open an unlimited number of projects on their own. This allows for friends and family members to sign up together to enjoy subscription discounts. For example, three college students can subscribe as a group to get the 3 Member rate. Or a parent can sign up a group to give separate accounts to parents, kids, cousins and/or anyone else.

Can companies or teachers pay for group accounts?
Yes. Companies, cohorts and classes are encouraged to appoint an Administrator to open a group package for multiple Members. This will enable your group to enjoy significant subscription savings and have the flexibility to work together on many projects.

Can I share content and gain feedback from non-members?
Yes. Share and comment features are designed to help you gain feedback from other BizGym members as well as non-members.

If I leave my group, do I still control my user account and projects?
Yes. If your membership is removed from a Membership Group, or your Group Administrator ceased to make membership payments, your personal account and personal projects will be held in a dormant state until you upgrade your account to regain access. You may upgrade via single user account or ask an Administrator of another group to include you in another group.

How do membership groups get billed?
The Administrator of a Membership Group sets payment methods via project Settings. BizGym auto-charges via a secure payment gateway (typically monthly or annually) and auto-renews at the end-of-term unless the Administrator specifies otherwise in Settings.

How secure is my project data on BizGym?

BizGym employs network security best practices similar to the banking and healthcare industries. More specifically, BizGym utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client user. BizGym servers can only be accessed via restricted IP addresses with double password/SSH (Secure Shell) key protection to protect against brute force and dictionary attacks. BizGym backups are encrypted, keyed separately, and as such, compartmentalize client data into separate accounts. Finally, commercial e-commerce gateway services including PayPal and Stripe are employed to protect your identity and payment information.

What happens to my data after expiration of my Free 30-Day Trial?

Your project data is archived at the end of your Free 30-Day Trial term. If you wish to restore access to your project, just login using your existing credentials and upgrade to an on-going membership package. You can also entirely delete your personal account by visiting your personal Settings page.

What payment systems does BizGym use?
BizGym uses PayPal and the Stripe Payment Processor System. These systems alleviate us of having to hold your credit card information in order to help protect your sensitive personal information.

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